Family Spots Bear Cub With Plastic Tub Stuck On Head And Jumps Into Action.

When we’re setting off to enjoy a day on the lake, we make sure we’re prepared for anything by stocking up on sunscreen and snacks.


That’s exactly what Tricia, Brian, and Brady Hurt were trying to do recently when they went out for a boat ride. Only they never could have predicted that their fun trip would end up saving a life!


On June 27, they headed out on Marsh-Miller Lake in Wisconsin and were having a great time when they saw something strange in the water.

Upon closer inspection, they realized it was a tiny baby bear attempting to swim ashore. The only problem was that the cub’s head was trapped in a discarded plastic container, and the poor thing couldn’t get it off.

While most of us do our best to keep a healthy distance away from bears, the Hurts couldn’t let their young pal suffer. Instead, they decided to take action!


In a video Tricia shared on Facebook, we see them carefully steer their boat toward the cub. Clearly, the little one is frightened by what’s going on, so they have to make a few attempts before they get close enough to help.

After a bit of back-and-forth and plenty of determination, Brian is able to yank the plastic tub off the bear’s head and set the cub free!

“We saved our little bear,” Tricia cries. “Swim happy!” Then they watch as the much calmer animal makes it safely back to dry land.


What an amazing act of kindness! We’re so glad this family was there to set the poor cub free before the circumstances became dire. Great job, Tricia, Brian, and Brady!

Check out the sweet rescue in the video below, and share this story with your animal-loving friends to make them smile.

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