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Willie Nelson’s Son Performs Breathtaking Cover For His Sick Father & It’ll Bring You To Tears

Willie Nelson's son, Lukas, closes his eyes as he sings into a mic and plays guitar

Willie Nelson has been making music for over 60 years, and he continues to prove why he’s such a legend. After releasing his 75th studio album in May, the 91-year-old had plans to perform at the 2024 Outlaw Music Festival. Other stars expected to sing that day included Bob Dylan, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, and Celisse. But those plans changed last minute, prompting Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas Nelson, to step up and help.

Turns out, Willie Nelson is a bit under the weather, and his doctor’s have ordered him to rest for the next few days. Although his team reassures fans that he is expected to make a quick recovery, he wasn’t able to perform for the festival. Luckily, his son was more than ready to perform the entire setlist he had planned. Check out a clip of Lukas singing Always on My Mind in the video below.

@spaseycasey Lukas Nelson covering @WillieNelson ♬ original sound – spaseycasey

As you can tell from the above clip, talent truly doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Nelson family. Like his dad, Lukas is also making a name for himself in the world of music. At 35 years old, he has already produced two collaborative albums with Neil Young. He also makes music of his own with his band called Promise of the Real.

Lukas Nelson Makes His Dad, Willie Nelson, Proud When He Takes His Place at a Festival

@delaroache1 The power of music. Wow, what a gift to humanity. Love is the greatest healer. #Getwellwillie #musictherapy #outlawmusicfestival2024 #willienelson #lukasnelson #musictherapy @Lukas Nelson & POTR @WillieNelson ♬ original sound – delaroache

Although Lukas is known for having his own unique sound, when singing his dad’s music, it’s amazing how similar they sound. As you can imagine, watching Willie’s son perform his music has fans feeling emotional.

“Saw them both about a year ago at a concert. Amazing how much he sounds like his dad!!” one fan shares, with another adding, “Close you eyes & you would not know. Prayers for Willie. Hope he is back singing live soon.”

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