Will Jerry Eat It? Horse Tries Silly Snacks And The Internet Rejoices.

Image shows a horse named Jerry eating weird human snacks.

Jerry the horse lives at Royal Rock Equestrian with Carrie Kieczkajlo. Their channel promises “Horses and Mischief,” and it delivers! The videos in their queue include several labeled “Ways to make your trainer crazy,” “Ways to make your trainer happy” (we only found one in this category), and “Will Jerry eat it?” We’re unsure how they determined that Jerry was part goat and would eat almost anything, but it is hilarious.


So far, there are 35 videos in this series, but the holidays are rolling through, so we expect Jerry to get the full round of holiday fare. We should mention that no animal cruelty or abuse is going on here. With the immense size of a horse, the tiny snacks and the goofy foods they offer him do not affect his daily intake of oats and other horsey foods. The folks at Royal Rock are professionals and would not do anything that would endanger one of their horses. Jerry is just weird.

1. Episode 1: Will Jerry Eat A Mandarin?

The experiment started innocently with a mandarin orange. Jerry ate it, peel and all.

2. Episode 4: Will Jerry Eat Stale Sparkle Peeps?

Stale Sparkle Peeps? Ewwwww… but, of course, Jerry liked these little marshmallowy abominations.

3. Episode 6: Adding In Some Healthy Snacks With Spinach

Occasionally, they add in a healthy snack. Jerry was not getting in the Popeye spirit, as they had to coax him on this one.


Will Jerry Eat It? Episode 6 The Spinach 🥬

♬ original sound – Carrie Kieczkajlo

4. Episode 10: Testing Limits With A Fondant Horse Ear

When they had a fondant horse’s ear, they decided to see if Jerry would be cannibalistic. He ate it. Most humans won’t even eat fondant!


Will Jerry Eat It? Episode 10. Fondant Horse Ear 🐴

♬ original sound – Carrie Kieczkajlo

5. Episode 15: Will Jerry Eat Little Mermaid Cereal?

Little Mermaid cereal is a sugary breakfast cereal explicitly marketed to catch the eye of young girls. Apparently, Jerry is also a young girl. He liked it.


Will Jerry Eat It? Episode 15. Little Mermaid Cereal 🧜‍♀️

♬ original sound – Carrie Kieczkajlo

6. Episode 17: Will Jerry Eat Gummy Worms?

Everyone loves gummy worms, right? Jerry certainly did, although they did cause excessive drooling.


Will Jerry Eat It? Episode 17. Sour Gummy Worms 🪱

♬ original sound – Carrie Kieczkajlo

7. Episode 27: Will Jerry Eat Smarties?

Jerry thought he got short-changed on this installment.

8. Episode 28: Will Jerry Eat A Fig Newton?

They still make Fig Newtons? Who buys enough of these to keep them on store shelves?


Will Jerry Eat It? Episode 28 The Fig Newton

♬ original sound – Carrie Kieczkajlo

9. Episode 30: Will Jerry Eat Circus Peanuts?

Jerry thinks that all the people who complain about Circus Peanuts should send theirs to him.

10. Episode 35: Gearing Up For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing!

We selected our favorites, but there are plenty more video clips on the Royal Rock TikTok (hey, check out that rhyming action we got going on!). Again, we must point out that the tiny amounts of “junk food” they feed Jerry does no harm. It is unsuitable for smaller animals, so please don’t test the results with your dog. Though you can feed them dog-safe foods in moderation!

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