Man Announces “Pet Of The Week” In Hilarious Meeting With Cats And Dogs.

A cat's picture is displayed during the "Pet of the Week" meeting.

It’s always important to reward your pets for good behavior. This family has an adorable way to recognize their cats and dogs for exhibiting proper conduct! Every week, they gather their four-legged friends together for a special gathering to reveal who has won “Pet of the Week.” Obviously, pets who have misbehaved recently are “ineligible” for the award during the pet of the week meeting.

If you’re wondering what exactly goes down during these meetings, you’re in luck. The pet parents have been sharing the proceedings on TikTok! In one of their earliest videos, the two finalists for the week were a cat named Tonks and a dog named Taquito. Although the tiny pooch walked away with the title of “Pet of the Week,” all of the animals received treats for their efforts during the meeting!


Replying to @the_dane_ We have been doing “Employee of the Month” with our pets since WFH in 2020 during covid (not shared online, just a poster on our wall), but >> @Alex and Kelsey << started this award ceremony trend on Tiktok! Our original inspo came from a spin off video I remember sharing with (my) Alex a year ago, and couldn't find that one, but I guess that highlights the importance of credit - if that spin off had mentioned A&K, the OGs of the series on TK may not have been lost on me! 😁 So shout out to @Alex and Kelsey, their cute floofs, and their POTW series! 🫑 #potw #petoftheweek

♬ original sound – Dannie πŸŒ»πŸ¦„

In another video, the proud pet parents showed off a set of elegant portraits featuring their cats and dogs in historical clothing. Whoever has been on their best behavior that week gets the “Pet of the Week” label underneath their portrait.

Watch the video below to see the creative portrait wall!


Replying to @plezznoi If you’ve seen my house tour video you’ll have noticed these frames before, but I wanted to hold out on uploading another video of them until Maple’s portrait arrived! πŸ₯° Thanks @Purrandmutt! πŸ‘‘ 🎨 πŸ–ΌοΈ

♬ original sound – Dannie πŸŒ»πŸ¦„

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