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Wild Pigeon Flies To Bird Owner, Helps Them Deliver Powerful Message Of Compassion.

wild pigeon

You can find them at just about any tourist destination across the globe… pigeons! In fact, you probably don’t even think twice about them as you walk by. However, this bird trainer wants you to consider the intelligence of these animals and view them in a different light. 

In a video on their Tiktok page, they shared this sentiment while teaching an entirely wild pigeon to fly to them when called. 

pigeon flies to person

“It sucks how many people view pigeons as dirty and disgusting,” They stated in their caption. “These guys are incredible.” 

They aren’t wrong! Pigeons are quite intelligent birds that are incredibly adaptable. Most people don’t realize, but pigeons are not wild birds. The pigeons you see on the street today are actually feral rather than wild. 

They are domesticated birds that people used as a food source as well as an aerial message delivery service. They were used to deliver messages as late as WWII. Once we had no more use for them, we abandoned them. 

pigeon on hand

Instead of viewing these birds as “rats with wings” we should acknowledge pigeons for the smart and resilient animals that they are. Next time you see a pigeon at the park, remember this, and be kind. 

Don’t take our word for their intelligence, just watch this training session and make your own judgment:


It sucks how many people view pigeons as dirty and disgusting. These guys are incredible. Took me a whike 10 minutes to befriend this guy and have him recalling to me. I was missing my birds at home, okay?! 😭 this is the closest I got to free flight when away 😂 . . . . . . #parrot #pet #pigeon #recall #recalltraining #freeflight #viral #bored #funny #reel #cute #pigeons #recalltrain #dog

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