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Why Rescue Spicy Kittens? Foster Mom Shares Poignant Message On “Difficult” Cats.

Left frame shows spicy kittens hissing. Right frame shows them after taming and ready for adoption.

Rescuers often encounter spicy kittens that hiss and spit when they work to spay and neuter cats living in feral colonies. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs help to reduce the wild cat populations in urban areas. Rescuers trap cats, attend to medical needs, spay or neuter them, and then return the animals to their colony. Ear tipping (docking the top portion of an ear) marks the cats as successfully TNRed.

Rescuers often find kittens in feral colonies. The goal with kittens is ultimately to rehome them if possible. That can be a challenge when dealing with spicy kittens. It takes patience and perseverance to acclimate these feral strays to human touch. When a commenter asked, “Why bother?” foster mom Cass Perch responded with a video answer chronicling kittens from spicy to nicey.

Spicy kittens being picked up for taming and fostering.
Images from TikTok.

They hiss and spit and sometimes strike out with claws. The rescuer and foster mom want to show followers what a little love and patience can accomplish. This little fellow was especially spicy!

A spicy kitten hissing at the rescuer.
Image from TikTok.

Even with spicy kittens, there can be some calm moments. Of course, they were all hissing in the very next frame!

Three kittens posing sort of nicely.
Image from TikTok.

When spicy kittens are rescued, it is essential to note that they are scared, probably hungry, and most likely have fleas. That would make anyone a little spicy! Since we can’t just hand them a Snickers bar to help with the hangry feelings, it takes time to gain their trust.

Preparing Spicy Kittens For Adoption

The progress may be slow, but regular treats, food, a warm and dry space, and gentle talking go a long way in getting spicy kittens to accept human interaction. Once familiar with human touch, they can have baths, see the vet, and receive any necessary treatment. The reward is kitty cuddle puddles.

Kitty cuddle puddles are real!
Images from TikTok.

Then, there must be obligatory adoption portraits.

Ready for adoption. Pictured here in Halloween costumes for their adoption portfolios.
Images from TikTok.

When the adoptable kittens are ready to go, foster moms typically shed tears. Working with feral cats brings many rewards, though. While tears may be sad, more kittens are always waiting for rescue! If you enjoyed this tale of spicy to nicey, please share it with your friends.

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