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Why I’m Raising My Boys To Leave Me.

Parenting is hard. There are the sleepless nights that come with infancy, the tantrums that come with toddlerhood, the attitudes and growing pains that come with adolescence… but the hardest part of all, perhaps, comes with adulthood, when it’s time to let go.

Mom Nikki Pennington, blogger behind Grief to Hope, hasn’t quite had to go through that last part– her boys are still young– but she’s preparing for it now. Read Nikki’s post below to hear why this mom is getting ready for her boys to someday leave her, today:


I have three sons and I’m raising all of them to love their wives more than they love me.

I’m raising all three of them to one day leave me for her.


I believe that the whole leave and cleave thing starts when they are young not as they get older.

It’s my job as their mom to give them this beautiful life full of memories, unconditional love, and help them believe in their dreams and to have goals not to tell them who to love. When they do choose, I want them to love her unconditionally and without any reservations that I might feel loved any less.


It’s my job to raise them to love their wives more one day so that they will never feel the need to choose between us but know they can love us both.

I want them to know that should they ever feel the need to choose I hope I have raised them well enough to know they should choose their wife every single time.


I want them to know that loving their wife more than their mom is okay and I won’t love them any less for it.

I want my sons to know that who they love, I love her too, and loving her means letting them know it’s okay to love me a little less at times.


Wow. Her message may be hard for some moms to hear, but it is definitely powerful. What do you think of Nikki’s words?

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