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Wholesome: Man Shares Why He Loves When Girlfriend “Kicks Me Off My Spotify Account Every Morning”

Close up of a phone someone is holding. Spotify is open and playing on the phone. Headphones are attached to it and are laying on the table below.

Learning how to live with someone you love can be tricky — but it’s all about having the right perspective. A popular Reddit post, written by a 23-year-old man, gives us the perfect example. In it, he shares that he’s been with his girlfriend for two years. That being said, they were best friends for three years before that. At the time of making this post, they were living together with two cats. Every morning, their routines were roughly the same — and it always included his girlfriend kicking him off Spotify.

Without fail, this happens about 15 minutes after he starts listening to music at the start of his work day. Why? Because as soon as his girlfriend wakes up in the morning, she asks their Google Home to play music. That way, she has tunes to enjoy while getting ready. Little does she know, however, that this is connected to her boyfriend’s account. In turn, the audio starts to play at home rather than in the man’s headphones. Sure, he could fix this, but he chooses not to for a very sweet reason.

A man and woman share headphones connected to a phone the woman is holding. They're sitting on the ground and are leaning against a car.

“I always just leave my phone open to see what she’s listening to, and when she heads out around 7:30, I get my account back,” the man explains. “I’m sure that she has no idea that she’s participating in this little routine, and I have no intentions of telling her. Sure, it’d be easy to swap it to her account, but I love to know that she’s awake and starting her day listening to her favorite songs.”

This Boyfriend Loves When His Girlfriend Kicks Him Off His Spotify Account

In turn, he’s able to “coincidentally” play her current favorite songs when they’re in the car together or hanging out. As you can imagine, people continue to fall in love with this couple’s sweet story. So much so, in fact, that he provided quite an exciting update: He plans to propose! We also learn a bit more about how this adorable couple got together.

Text from a Reddit post:

Hey Everyone! Your support is wonderful!! I'm so happy that you all enjoyed seeing a snippet of my relationship with my girlfriend. She's my favorite person in the world. If you think I'm sweet, you should meet her.

We met about five years ago in college. We argued over a seat in calculus, then ultimately decided to team up academically because we were in the same major. We were best friends for about three years, and now have been dating for two years. We live together with two wonderful cats.

The engagement ring comes in two weeks, and we have a trip planned next month to have a romantic getaway. I love photography and we both love hiking. Due to this, we always go hiking with my camera and tripod. We always take photos together at the peaks, so I plan on doing that when I propose! I'll try to post an update when it happens!

With folks from all over thoroughly invested in the couple, this kind-hearted man continued to give more updates. The next one, however, was a bit of a bummer. Unfortunately, life circumstances (including a move to a townhome) delayed their trip. Still, he remained determined to propose in a way that his amazing girlfriend deserves.

More time passed and, with it, more events that make this couple’s life feel like a movie. Speaking of which, their story does, indeed, get a happy ending!

Text from a Reddit post:

FINAL EDIT: Closure, in case anyone is still paying attention to this!!

I PROPOSED TODAY! I apologize that this took so long, thank you to anyone that is still keeping tabs. There were a lot of moving parts in our lives that delayed the proposal, so I'm thankful that I finally could. In the end, it was wonderful. She cried, I cried, our parents cried, and our friends are all ecstatic. Now it's time to celebrate and begin wedding planning. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful woman.

I hope that you all find love, everyone deserves to feel loved.

How inspiring is this sweet couple? It’s no wonder people from all over are falling in love with their heartwarming story. It goes to show that, at the end of the day, it’s the little things that matter most in life.

“Love isn’t some grand gesture,” the man shares. “I’ve learned it’s just a lot of little things that add up.”

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