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Wholesome Family Moment Unfolds When A Dad Shows The World, “This Is The Way.”

A happy family on a walk, showing us that this is the way to enjoy each other.

One of the regular phrases uttered in the hit Disney Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” is, “This is the way.” The line repeats with different characters, acknowledging when something is “right.” It is part of the Mandalorian creed, sort of like saying “Amen” after a prayer or “The End” at the end of a book.

This clip, from Shandong, China, shows us that the phrase, “This is the way,” can apply to other life circumstances, too. We think that there is no greater sound than the laughter of a happy family as they enjoy the company of one another. Capturing this moment on video will give the daughter a happy memory as she grows up in this loving household.

This is the way a man shows his family that he loves them. The image shows a family in Shandong, China, taking a walk. The man is carrying his wife on his back and his young daughter in front. They are all laughing and enjoying the evening.
Image from Reddit.

The video below shows a happy family out for an evening walk. The daughter is walking slightly in front, while her dad is behind her carrying his wife. Apparently, Mom got tired while walking, so Dad is giving her a lift. The daughter, while recording, makes a few comments about how Dad loves Mommy more because he is carrying her. The daughter continues walking while uttering other cute kid observations.

As they walk, all three are laughing and enjoying the evening. Finally, Dad asks his daughter if she wants him to carry her. She says yes, so he gently picks her up, adding to his load. He begins walking again as he proclaims that he has one darling in the back and one in the front. The conversation continues, and the daughter asks, “Daddy, aren’t you tired?” His simple answer conveys the love he feels for his family. “I’m not tired. Not one bit.” A family having fun and just enjoying one another. Truly, this is the way!

This is the way ❤️😅
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