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Who You Gonna Call? Scuba Divers! Volunteers Find Woman’s 100-Yr-Old Ring In River.

emma lyons helping matt peters out of the water.

This looks like a job for… scuba divers?

Emma Lyon was watching a crew regatta on the banks of the River Great Ouse in Bedford, England when suddenly her life felt like a movie scene. As she clapped and cheered for the rowers, Emma’s heirloom ring slipped from her finger and flew, seemingly in slow motion, directly into the murky water.

“We’d just spotted a local crew,” Emma explained. “I was cheering and clapping vigorously when all of a sudden, the ring flew off my finger and arced into the river. It all seemed to happen in slow motion and although the boys won their race, the ring was lost.”

Emma was crushed. The ring had belonged to her grandmother, who lived to be 100 years old before passing away in 2000. Emma recalled how much her grandmother enjoyed spending time on the river, so she figured that if she couldn’t find the lost ring, at least it would be “a fitting resting place.”

Still, she had to try. That evening, a friend suggested Emma reach out to a local scuba diving club to see if they might try to find the ring in the river. To her delight, a member of Bedford Scuba Divers wrote back to her the very next day.

“I got an email straight back the next morning, saying that they’d be happy to help and could get a team together that evening,” said Emma.

Behind the scenes, messages began flying between members of Bedford Scuba Divers. Matt Peters, Arvydas “Arvis” Čestauskaitė, and Tony Pugh were the first divers to volunteer their services. The club quickly cleared the dive with local authorities like the police, fire department, and the city council. By 2 o’clock the next afternoon, the team was assembled and ready to hit the water!

Emma’s husband met the crew to point them in the right direction. Just moments later, Matt emerged from the water victorious.

Emma was overjoyed to have her grandmother’s ring back on her finger, where it belongs. The scuba team was delighted to be able to put their hobby to good use, not to mention getting in some training hours. The whole group celebrated at a local pub afterwards. Naturally, drinks were on Emma!

“I am just so, so grateful to everyone from the scuba club who gave up their evening to help out and cannot believe that Matt was able to find it,” said Emma. “It was a total miracle.”

Now that’s a happy ending for all involved! We’re not sure we would have ever thought to call a scuba club, but they sure were the perfect heroes for this job.

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