Who Will Replace Clyde The Donkey As This Colorado Town’s Next Four-Legged Mayor?

clyde the donkey

While the country is preparing for its next presidential election, Divide, Colorado, is looking to fill a unique political position — animal mayor. The seat is currently filled by Clyde the Donkey, but his term limit is almost up—and we don’t mean donkey as in Democrat.


Twelve years ago, Divide carved out a mayoral seat for animals. Yes, animals. And Clyde is currently ruling with an iron hoove. But it’s time for another furry politician to take the reins.

Clyde the Major

The campaign is hosted by the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. The organization came up with the clever idea to raise funds for its homeless pets. It costs $2 to cast a vote online, and the proceeds go towards running its rural shelters.

“It brings awareness to our small rural shelter, and it also allows us to raise money for all of the animals that come through our shelter,” Kathleen Ruyak, the shelter’s marketing coordinator, told CNN. “There’s about a thousand animals we help a year, even though we have about 1500 square feet of shelter.” 

Clyde the Donkey Has More Political Aspirations

While Clyde is only a few months away from reaching his term limit, he’s not leaving his political aspirations behind.

Clyde the donkey

“He’s been requested to run for president. So as he steps down from there, he is going to be concentrating on spreading the word,” Running D Ranch’s Debbie Bibb laughed. “And who knows? You know, we maybe have a donkey for president.” 

There is still time to add your pet to the docket. As it stands, there are only three animals up for election, and they’re all dogs.

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