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Who Could It Be? Grandma Gets Visited By Owl Almost Every Day After Husband Passes.

a two-photo collage. the first is of grandma ranna talking to an owl. we see ranna from the back and the owl who is sitting on the railing just in front of her. the second is of ranna looking back at the camera as she smiles. the owl sits in the same spot on the railing.

Shai Ward always has a hoot whenever she visits Ranna, her grandmother.

For the past two years, an adorable owl has been visiting the 98-year-old at her Phoenix, Arizona home. These little visits are made particularly special by the fact that the little guy first arrived on the day of her late husband’s memorial ceremony. Since then, he’s shown up nearly every day.

an owl sitting on ranna's back porch railing.

“My grandparents were best friends, who deeply respected one another,” Shai said. “You felt the love around them and from them.”

Although this owl friend allows anyone in their family to get close to him, the only person he’ll “talk” to is Ranna. One of their chats was captured by Shai after a recent visit, and it’s even more precious than you can imagine.

“My grandmother is the sweetest soul,” Shai said. “She is a devout Catholic and attributes all that her life has become to the higher power. Her sass and wit show that 98 is just a number… and her and my grandpa’s relationship was such a sight to see that our whole family just treasured them as one.”

Watch Ranna have a nice chat with her owl friend in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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