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When Young Girl Meets Feline “Soulmate,” Mom Knows Just What To Do Next.

Sometimes it seems like we don’t choose our pets; they choose us!

Bristy Potter had no intention of adopting a new family member when she brought her young daughter, Ginny, to visit the pets at a local animal shelter. As the mother and daughter strolled through the room of adoptable cats, Ginny ran straight to the cage of a young orange cat. The two immediately began “kissing” through the bars of the cage.


I think they’re soul mates. Operation Convince My Husband has begun! 😹😻 #soulmates #rescuecat #newmom #orangecat #ilovemyhusbandsomuch #convincehim

♬ You Are My Sunshine – Kina Grannis

Bristy couldn’t believe her eyes! As the cat and little girl continued to snuggle up, a shelter worker told her that she hadn’t seen the cat so energetic since they’d weaned her litter of kittens. The cat had been rather depressed at the shelter, but she lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw Ginny!

Eventually, the mom reluctantly had to take her daughter away from her new bestie and head home, but a plan had already started to hatch in her brain.

“I think they’re soulmates,” she wrote as a caption to her TikTok video. “Operation Convince My Husband has begun!”

We’re pleased to report that the operation was a complete success!

Bristy soon shared another video of the sweet cat sitting in her crate at the shelter, completely unaware that the adoption wheels were already in motion.

Within a week the paperwork was complete, and Bristy was able to surprise Ginny with her new kitty just in time for Christmas. In a follow-up video, Ginny comes home from grandma’s house and is delighted to see the orange cat waiting for her. The little girl couldn’t wait to show her around her new home!

Since she is the ultimate Christmas gift, they decided to name her Noel.


She’s FINALLY home. 🧡 (And yes, the silly bow came off. 🤣) #rescuecat #orangecat #newmom #adoptdontshop #noel

♬ You Are My Sunshine – Kina Grannis

This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship! We wish this family all the love in the world as they get to know their new “Christmas miracle.”

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