“When You Used To Carry Your Granddaughter, But Now, At 93, She Carries You.”

A granddaughter carries her grandma while they dance together.

A grandma on TikTok shared the sweetest old footage of her holding her baby granddaughter in her arms while dancing to music. She followed it up with a more recent clip that shows how things have changed. While the two women are still the best of friends, their roles have become slightly reversed. Now, Grandma gets picked by her grown-up granddaughter!


“When you used to carry your granddaughter to dance, but now, at 93, she carries you,” wrote @fran_the_hip_gram in her adorable video.

As this loving granddaughter spins her grandma around in circles, the pair look like they’re having the best time! Commenters loved seeing how this beautiful relationship has endured over the years.

“This is so pure and wholesome and exactly what my little heart needed today,” wrote one user.

A granddaughter carries her grandma while they dance together.
Screengrab from TikTok

A few viewers added that, while their own grandparents had passed, this video brought back some wonderful memories.

“I lost my 94-yr-old grandma yesterday,” said a commenter. “This made me smile. I needed it. Treasure the time you have with each other.”

It’s wonderful to see that, after all these years, this grandma and her granddaughter still love to dance together. Grandparents truly are a gift!

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