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When The Elevator Breaks, College Students Carry Their Paralyzed Friend Up The Stairs.

A man carrying a paralyzed man starts to walk up the stairs. The paralyzed man is looking back at a man who is picking up his wheelchair.

Nearly three years ago, Mason Branstrator broke his back in a skiing accident. This resulted in a spinal cord injury that left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. As you can imagine, this moment changed his life forever. Now in a wheelchair, Mason had much to learn in order to adjust to his new life. But with the help of medical professionals, friends, and loved ones, he’s been able to do so much more than he ever thought possible.

In fact, he was even able to share his story with the Duluth News Tribune. In one clip, which he shared on TikTok, he expresses how he’s been able to move forward with such hope despite his traumatic experience. You can watch that video below.

@mason_branstrator My accident and everything since is encapsulated in this one beautiful story. Thank you @Duluth News Tribune #sciwarrior #scirecovery #paralyzed #paraplegic #paraplegia #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #partiallyparalyzed #t12paraplegic #t12injury #spinalcordinjury #scilife #disabled #physicallydisabled ♬ Need 2 – Pinegrove

Like I said, Mason hasn’t had to face his struggles alone. Mason is a college student, and getting around campus isn’t always easy, especially when an elevator goes out.

With his only option being the stairs, his friends didn’t hesitate to help. While one of them carefully carried Mason on his back, the other carried his wheelchair.

@mason_branstrator If they ain't got me they not the boys. #elevator #stairwheelchair #brokenelevator #sciwarrior #scirecovery #paralyzed #paraplegic #paraplegia #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #adaptandachieve #partiallyparalyzed #12paraplegic #t12injury #spinalcordinjury #scilife #disabled #physicallydisabled ♬ Chamber Of Reflection – Mac DeMarco

“If they ain’t got me, they[‘re] not the boys,” Mason wrote on TikTok.

I can only imagine the amount of time and effort it’s taken for Mason to reach this point in his recovery. By sharing his story, he reminds us of two important things — the first being that we are so much more capable than we realize. And the second being that, no matter what happens, the people who love us most will always have our backs.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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