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When Player Collapses Mid-Game, Men’s Over-40 Basketball Team Springs Into Action.

A men's over-40 league saved their teammate after he fainted.

Athletes are expected to perform under pressure, but these recreational basketball players were truly on the ball! During a men’s over-40 game in New Jersey, one team member sat down for a breather. Unfortunately, he then keeled over onto the ground. Surveillance footage shows his teammates rushing to the rescue almost immediately!

According to Today, one player lost no time in calling 911. Another procured an automatic defibrillator from within the facility. Between the basketball team and the police officer who arrived shortly, they were able to keep the unconscious man alive until first responders could take over. This harrowing experience has inspired many members of the men’s over-40 league to enroll in CPR classes.

Watch the heroic save in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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