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Disabled Veteran And His Family Receive The Gift Of A Lifetime.

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For many veterans, time in the military comes with lasting sacrifices. Returning to the home front can mean homelessness, mental health issues, and difficulty integrating. For disabled veterans, coming home comes with a long list of new obstacles.

Shane Parsons joined the army right out of high school after witnessing the damage caused by the September 11, 2001 attacks. Once enlisted, Shane served in Iraq with the Bravo 3rd Company 67th Regiment.

One day, he volunteered to head into the field instead of his buddy. He was off-duty, but Shane’s the type of guy to step in when someone needs help. Shane drove over an explosive device, and the explosion resulted in the loss of both of his legs. In the hours after the explosion, Shane suffered not one, but three different rounds of cardiac arrest.

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Shane faced intense brain injuries along with the physical damage. While he’s relearned many skills, the loss of his legs have left him in a wheelchair.

Moving through life on two wheels comes with a long list of challenges. Most homes aren’t built to accommodate a wheelchair, making it extremely difficult to get through the tasks involved with daily life.

This is where the Gary Sinise Foundation comes in.

This foundation’s sole purpose is making life better for veterans.

One of the initiatives of the Gary Sinise Foundation is building homes for veterans with disabilities. The application process can be challenging, and there are a lot of veterans in need, meaning the foundation alone can’t provide for everyone.

The foundation was able to give the Parsons family a gift of a lifetime.

Jen Parsons, Shane’s wife, recalled the moment the Gary Sinise phone call came in.

“I put Shane on the phone, and Shane just… I saw his face. He started crying. Top five best moments of our lives.”

The beautiful, newly built home is decked out with endless accommodations for veteran Shane, including an accessible kitchen, shower, closet, and even playground.

“I’m just so grateful, I don’t know how to express my thanks,” Shane says. “I’m still in awe.”

The home gives Shane the ability to engage with his children in a new way.

“Shane can wheel right up into the [playground]. He’ll be able to play with the kids more,” Jen praised. “It was like Christmas morning.”

Watch the full story of the Parsons family home below. If you’re interested in helping veterans, check out the Gary Sinise Foundation here.

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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