When Mom Feels Depressed, Dad Comes Up With Cutest Way To Cheer Her Up

A Mom and Dad wearing matching pajama onesies in a museum.

This mom was feeling depressed, but thankfully she has a husband who will stop at nothing to brighten her day. He came up with the most creative date idea to cheer her up — going to the museum in matching onesies! Their daughter posted the most adorable video of their outing on TikTok. Mom and Dad look so happy rocking their cozy pajamas and embracing their silly sides at the art museum!

If your partner can still make you laugh when you’re feeling down, you know you’ve found a keeper. This mom is really lucky to be with someone who knows how to get her spirits up when she’s depressed.

“You can just tell when two people were made for each other, and your Mum and Dad are definitely it,” wrote one commenter.

“If he doesn’t love me like this then I don’t want it,” another added.

A Mom and Dad wearing matching pajama onesies in a museum.
Screengrab from TikTok

Interestingly enough, the couple in this viral video are no strangers to the limelight. The Beaver Family, as they and their daughter are known on TikTok, were once featured on Wife Swap. Sometimes, they still post about their reality television days!

It’s so sweet that this dad could find a way to improve Mom’s mood when she was feeling depressed. We love to see a wholesome couple taking care of each other!

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