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When Car Crashes Into Pond, Cops Rush To Save 2 Babies Trapped Inside.

screenshot from police body cam footage from the arundel county police department. there is a car that is half-submerged in a pond in a park. a second police office can be seen toward the front of the car.

It was a usual night for Maryland police officers when, suddenly, a couple of them heard a loud crash. It seemed to have come from a location nearby, so they didn’t hesitate to investigate.

Soon after, they discovered the source of the sound: Someone had lost control of a vehicle, sending it off the road. After barreling through trees and a fence, it landed in a pond in the park. The vehicle was only half-submerged, but the people inside were trapped nonetheless.

As soon as they arrived at the scene, two officers worked together to get everyone out as safely as possible – this was especially tricky since there were children inside, and they had to break a significant amount of glass. Still, they were able to free everyone: A 9-month-old, a toddler, and two adults. Despite everything, none of them sustained any injuries, they were just very cold and wet.

Watch police cam footage of the heroic rescue below and don’t forget to share.

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