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When Bride Is Forced To Sell Rare Taylor Swift-Signed Guitar to Afford Wedding, Swifties Unite To Help

A two-photo collage. The first shows Emily Harris and Jake McDaniel smiling as the pose together outside. The second image shows Emily's signed Taylor Swift guitar. It's red with hearts on it.

In April 2023, Jake McDaniel proposed to Emily Harris — and she said yes! The couple has been saving up money for their wedding ever since, but the expenses keep piling up. With the couple paying for their big day themselves, money has been tight. That’s why, after much consideration, Emily decided it’d be best to sell her prized Taylor Swift guitar that was signed by the superstar herself.

“It was very hard,” Emily admits. “But I felt like it was the responsible thing to do, you know, to try and afford everything because we’re paying for our wedding ourselves.”

Emily Harris and Jake McDaniel smile as the pose together outside.

The guitar was a gift from her dad, Randy Harris. He was hesitant about the idea but was quick to help his daughter look into how much it was worth.

“He’s like, ‘I know this is something that means a lot to you. I would hate for you to sell it and then regret it later that 10 years down the line wishing that you still had it,'” Emily recalls.

Generous Swifties Help Bride-to-Be Keep Her Signed Taylor Swift Guitar

Facebook post from Emily's dad, Randy Harris:

My daughter is considering selling her signed guitar to help pay for her wedding, any advice/help would be greatly appreciated

Still, Randy made a post in a Facebook group called Taylor Swift’s Vault. Both Randy and Emily expected to get offers on the coveted guitar. Instead, countless swifties offered to donate money for the wedding if she created a GoFundMe or something similar.

Shocked by everyone’s kindness, Emily took their advice. Now, the bride-to-be has over $3,400, all thanks to kind-hearted swifties eager to help their fellow swifties!

A two-photo collage of Emily's signed Taylor Swift guitar. It's red with hearts on it.

“You know, we’re friends now. We’re Swifties, we’re buddies,” Emily says of the superstar’s massive fanbase. “It’s worldwide that people are so connected because of one person that, you know, you don’t know this person. But we have this in common.”

Jake, who isn’t a swiftie himself, is also blown away by everyone’s generosity.

Emily looks away from the camera and at the signed Taylor Swift guitar in her hands as she sits on a couch.

“I collect sports memorabilia and I can guarantee you that if somebody had something from Patrick Mahomes or Peyton Manning, [they’d] be the first people saying, ‘I’ll buy it off you for whatever amount you want,'” Jake says. “They wouldn’t be trying to make it where you could keep something so valuable and so meaningful.”

“I’ve been speechless, really,” Emily says. “I feel like this is a reminder that there are good people in this world. There is just genuine good in this world.”

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