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Triplet Sisters Separated At Birth Share How They Reunited a Decade Later

Rikki, Kendall, and Julianne smile as they pose for one of their first photos together at 11 years old.

Growing up, Julianne and Kendall Scavo knew they were adopted. Then, one Christmas, the young girls learned that they weren’t, in fact, twins. Instead, they’re triplets that were separated at birth. Needless to say, this life-changing info was a lot to process. Still, they were also excited by the idea of meeting their third sibling, Rikki Jump. Meanwhile, Rikki always knew she had two other sisters.

The triplets’ story starts in 1991. Their biological mom, Kathleen, wanted to have kids of her own. But her husband, Lee, already had two adult children from a previous marriage and had already gotten a vasectomy. So, they went with a sperm donor. This led to an unexpected pregnancy of triplets.

A young Kathleen smiles as she sits outside on grass with her three babies.

According to Rikki, her parents “were not prepared financially to raise triplets.”

Plus, with Kathleen being deaf, her ability to help raise triplets was questioned, all-the-more solidifying their decision. Once Julianne and Kendall learned about Rikki, years passed before they got in contact with her.

Triplets Separated at Birth Share an Emotional Reunion

Rikki, Kendall, and Julianne smile as they pose for one of their first photos together at 11 years old.

“I think they just always had that inherent fear that we would like see our birth mom and feel like a biological pull, but that was just never the case,” Kendall explains.

First, the triplets became pen pals — their connection was immediate. Still, as much as they loved writing to one another, they all wanted to meet in person.

“All I’ve ever wanted is to run up to you and embrace both of you in my arms,” Rikki writes in one of her letters.

Rikki, Kendall, and Julianne smile for a photo together as teens, years after first meeting.

Thankfully, the girls didn’t have to wait too long! At 11 years old, the three of them met at a mall. The connection they felt through their letters grew even stronger.

“It was like we’d known each other forever,” Kendall says.

Ever since that day, Rikki, Kendall, and Julianne continue to be close. In fact, they co-host a podcast about their story called Luke, Who is Your Father. Between this and their group dates with their partners, the three of them are becoming more and more alike with time.

Rikki, Kendall, and Julianne smile as they sit on a couch while being interviewed on "Today."

“The more time we spend around each other, the more we start to sound like each other, and act like each other,” Kendall says.

“They are the most important people to me,” Julianne adds, getting emotional.

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