When A Little Girl Needed A Backup Dancer For Her Talent Show, She Knew Exactly Who To Call, “Uncles Will Always Show Up”

uncle backup dancer

When this little girl decided to sing a song for her school’s talent show, she needed a backup dancer to complete her act, and she knew her uncle was perfect for the job.

A man named Dmonte has been winning over the internet after a video he posted on Instagram made it to Reddit’s Made Me Smile page. It shows him giving a professional-level freestyle hip-hop performance as his niece sings Dance Monkey by Tones and I.

“My niece called me out to do her talent show with her🔥🔥🔥” he wrote on his Instagram Post. “We killed it🙌🏾 I got hired by a 3rd grader😅 anything for the youth❤️❤️💪🏾💪🏾.”

Commentators were, of course, impressed by Dmonte’s backup dancer moves, but what they loved most was how the uncle showed up for his niece and genuinely enjoyed doing it.

“Love the fellas showing up and showing out!! Uncles are daddies too!!” someone gushed. “This one will stay with her forever!! You stepped up bruh!!”

“As an uncle myself, do you know how excited we get when we get the call to action?” One person asked. “This bro is up there living his best life!”

“That phone call is like the Bat Signal!!! If my nieces or nephews call me. I’m there!!!!” wrote another uncle who understands the bond.

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