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Precious: Toddler Can’t Resist Saying “Hi” To Everyone He Sees

Left image shows a toddler saying hi with a fist bump. Right image shows a happy toddler riding in a shopping cart saying hi to everyone.

When this mom leaves her house with her toddler, he says hi and hello to everyone. While some might consider this embarrassing, others find this kid adorable. Azai Thompson is spreading good cheer and smiles wherever he goes. His mom, Tamia White, records videos of his outings to show how cheerful this young man is. Good Morning America (GMA) shared the video of his good cheer.

Tamia playfully asks her toddler not to say hi to everyone before each trip. He always agrees but never follows through. Whether safely placed into a shopping trolley seat or walking beside his mom, Azai cannot resist the urge to say hello. Tamia has posted several video clips of her one-year-old son greeting people. This adorable kid shows no hesitation in spreading smiles and hugs to everyone.

Left image shows toddler offering a hug to a young girl in a store. Right image shows the toddler in a shopping cart saying hello to people.
Images from TikTok.

In some clips, shoppers said he was just what they needed that day. And it’s true. So many of us need a heartfelt smile and unconditional love from Azai. He is happy, chatty, and personable as they navigate a store. You can see more videos of Azai on Tamia’s TikTok channel. Not content with saying hi and hello, Azai sings when no people are around.

He also breaks into dance moves whenever he hears music. Azai is only one year old. If he keeps this colossal chunk of personality and magnetism as he grows up, the world must look out! This young toddler is already making the world better by saying hi and hello to folks.

Although Tamia will undoubtedly continue to tell her toddler not to say hi to everyone playfully, we secretly hope he continues to “disobey” her. His smiles, laughter, hugs, and unconditional love make the world better!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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