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When 8th-Grader Collapses Just Shy Of Finish Line, Cop Helps Him Complete Marathon

A police officer helps carry a boy across the marathon finish line.

A 15-year-old boy named Leobardo was just about to reach the finish line of the Los Angeles Marathon when his body gave out underneath him. Thankfully, there was a medical team on hand, and they were able to confirm that the young man wasn’t seriously hurt or sick. However, he still really wanted to cross the finish line of the race! So, a couple of people stepped in to lend their support.

One of them was Leobardo’s sister. The other was LAPD Sgt. Jay Balgemino. Leobardo leaned on these two in order to cross the Los Angeles Marathon finish line. Sgt. Balgemino told Today that the teenager’s tenacity truly moved him!

“I’m really proud of that boy,” said the officer. “And if I could talk to that boy, I’d say, ‘You’re outstanding. You inspired me, maybe I’ll run the marathon next year because of you.'”

He added, “All the kudos goes to the kid. He ran the marathon on his own. I just helped push him in the end to get him to the finish line.”

A police officer helps carry a boy across the marathon finish line.
Screengrab from YouTube

We’re so glad that this young man got to cross the finish line at the Los Angeles Marathon. It sounds like he really deserved it!

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