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Blazing-Fast Kiddo Waves To Family In The Middle Of His Race… From First Place!

kid running on track

This young kid has a serious talent, accompanying some incredible charm. In this clip, you can see him shoot up a wave during his race, as he blazed ahead of his competitors!

It’s not his first time waving as he ran. In fact, it seems to be becoming a bit of a signature for him!

Fans are obsessed with this kid’s wave during his races. Loads of folks in the comments are relating him to one of our favorite movie characters…

“He is giving Jack from the Incredibles!”

Everyone’s in awe of his skill. I mean, despite the wave, he’s seriously fast!

child waves during a race
This image is from TikTok.

“I see a gold medal in his future,” commented another fan.

Though his mom replied, stating that, “Already won a gold for Mommy’s heart.”

Awwww! The wave during the race clearly made an impact.

family at a race
This image is from TikTok.

His entire family is made of runners, so it’s no surprise that he’s a speedy icon. In fact, he completed his first 5K at age 6, which according to his mom, he absolutely nailed.

Waving during a race is a pretty slick move. We’re excited to see what this little one keeps doing!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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