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“Wheel Of Fortune” Puzzle Perplexes People Into Giving The Funniest Guesses.

Wheel of Fortune” has held the attention of what must be nearing four generations of television viewers. It’s the perfect mix of risk, acumen and wow factor that even lets the audience play their own proxy game. What could be better?

Every now and again something truly astounding happens on the gameshow that’s too good not to share.
What seemed to be an easy board (that was indeed solved in record time) has set the internet on fire. The phrase below set off a chain reaction of tweets on what the answer must be, that left us cracking up… but surprisingly, none of them were right.


Funny answers like “SUCK IT DORK,” “HACK AT WORK” and many colorful others were sent in by baffled Twitter and Facebook users as the puzzle made its way across social media.

Amazingly, the actual contestant was able to guess the correct answer in under one second. Without a moment’s hesitation the confident contestant proclaimed “BACK AT WORK” and took home a huge win for the home team.

Never forget, sometimes the best answer is staring right in your face. Don’t make things too complicated. The most obvious answer may just be the right one!

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