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What’s The Cutest Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done? People’s Best Stories About Their Furry Friends!

whats a cute thing your pet does

Reddit is a repository for information and conversations about every subject imaginable. One user posted the wonderful question “What cute things do you witness your pet doing?” and the responses kept us laughing for hours. Animal lovers will tell you their cute pet is the best, weirdest, most obnoxious animal on the planet. But in the same breath, they will tell you how they couldn’t imagine life without their dog, cat, or guinea pig.

I have cats, and they have quirks too. My boy cat snores like a lumberjack. He weighs 29 pounds and is terrified of beach balls. Don’t ask me why, he just is. I’m pretty sure he might have brain damage because he can’t walk under anything without bonking his head. Loudly, so you know he’s hitting it hard. My girl cat likes wearing pretty little bandanas. She will parade around the house when we change them out. I think she has about 30 different colors, and she loves them all. Both of them must sleep ON me… All night, every night. And, yes, they are the best, weirdest, most obnoxious cute pets, and I love them immensely!

1. “My cat sleeps on his back, with his paws raised in the air, and his tails goes straight out and then curls up at the end.”

Image shows a ginger tabby cat laying on its back with it's tail curled in a loop.
Image from Imgur (supplied by Reddit poster).

2. “My guinea pigs (4) all have an instinct to cuddle me when I start to cry.”

“Can’t cry with four fuzzy potatoes cuddling you at once.”

Image shows a guinea pig cuddled on its owner's chest under a blanket while the owner reads a book.
Image from TikTok.

3. “My cat will sit and stare into the fireplace for hours with her nose a half cm from the glass.”

“She’ll get drowsier and drowsier and occasionally nod off, touch the glass with her nose, run away, then come back in five minutes and do it again. It’s like heroin for cats.”

Image shows a roaring fire in a fireplace.
Image from Rawpixel.

4. “Any time my boyfriend or I sneeze our dog will run to us to make sure we’re okay.”

“No idea why but he’s so sweet for checking on us.”

Image shows a row of people having a synchronized sneeze.
Image from Flickr.

5. “Whenever my dog farts, he quickly turns his head to his butt to confirm that that sounds was in fact his.”

“One time I farted very audibly and he stared at his own butt with confusion!”

6. “My cat sprints out of the litter box like she’s getting away from a crime scene.”

“She uses it like any normal cat until the moment she finishes and something in her brain just snaps.”

Image shows a small cute tabby cat in a litter box.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

These are just a few of the things cute pets do on this Reddit thread. If you’re having a bad day, visit there for a few cute stories to lighten your mood. If your critter does something cute or hilarious, share it so we can live vicariously through your pet’s antics!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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