10 Seals Being Super Duper Silly — And Insanely Cute!

Left frame shows a seal dancing. Right frame shows a seal eating a birthday cake.

Watching seals play can be an uplifting experience. Even just watching them go about their normal routine can be hilarious. Whether they are playing, rolling around, scratching an itch, or just being themselves, these little sea critters are super-duper silly! Every interaction seems to be an attention-grabbing move because they thrive on our laughter.


1. Doing The Seal “Bounce”

For a perfect example of what we mean, let’s start with the seal “bounce.” This method of movement is known as “galumphing” and can propel them along surprisingly fast. They are the only members of their family that move in this manner!


You asked for the “seal bounce” so here it is! 🦭🦭🦭 #oceanconnections #learnontiktok #sealtok #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Body – Megan Thee Stallion

2. Seals Are Even Derpy When They’re Sleeping!

I had no idea they slept like this. The currents must be rocking this one well because he is oblivious!

3. This Guy Is Up To Something…

He might be dreaming of his next meal, or plotting the demise of an enemy. No one knows.

4. Sometimes, Seals Just Wanna Be Purty!

Oh, to have such an enormous wardrobe and never be able to wear it!

5. Birthdays For Seals Include CAKE!

According to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, these animals live an average of 25 to 30 years. This old boy is celebrating his 44th and gets a special cake!

6. This Little Guy Is REALLY Happy!

We’re not sure what makes them vibrate. Perhaps he’s had too much caffeine today?

7. Seals Are Even Cute When They Fight!

It’s difficult to tell they are fighting because you watch and utter, “Awwweeeee.”

8. They’s Sleepy!

Must be nap time!

9. Seals Love To Play!

When it comes to mimicking behavior, these animals are true professionals.

10. Let’s Have A Dance!

These seals might be playing follow the leader, or perhaps they’re just enjoying a dance!

We hope you have enjoyed laughing at our selection of super duper silly seals. Remember that laughter is always good for the soul. Share with your friends if they need a laugh too!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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