Boyfriend Doesn’t Let A Broken Finger Stop Him From Proposing In Ambulance.

A man and a woman are sitting in the back of an ambulance. The man is holding back tears and has a bouquet of flowers as well as a box with an engagement ring. The woman is emotional, covering her face with her hands.

No matter how hard we may try, not everything can go according to plan. Still, sometimes even the most unfortunate turn of events can’t take away from an otherwise perfect day. This is certainly the case for the day that Angela Gayle’s boyfriend proposed. That same day, however, is also when he got a broken finger.


With the help of loved ones, this romantic fellow spends the day prepping for the proposal. While doing so, he ends up smashing his finger in the car door, something that Angela says “tore his finger up.” So much so, in fact, that they call an ambulance.

Angela Gayle and her now fiancé smile and poses for a selfie.

When this happens, they let Angela know — about the finger, that is, not the proposal. In fact, even though it seems he’ll need stitches, this sweet guy stays set on popping the question. Luckily, someone is around to capture the moment.

Man With Broken Finger Pulls Off Heartwarming Proposal in an Ambulance

@angelgaylexo It the middle of him preparing the proposal he smashed his finger in the car door and tore his finger up.. he still called this a win 🥹💕✨💍 #proposalvideo #proposal ♬ original sound – Angelgayle

When Angela arrives, her boyfriend is still in the back of the ambulance. Naturally, her focus is on making sure that he’s okay. For this nervous guy, however, he’s more concerned with what he’s about to do next.

“I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he says, fighting back tears. “Can I spend the rest of my life with you?”

Clearly overwhelmed with a million emotions, Angela gives a resounding “yeah!”

Close up of Angela Gayle's large, rectangle diamond ring as she goes to grab a cup. 

A TikTok comment on the image reads: I need to see a close up of that ring girl that's all I wanna see! lol

Since their unique proposal went viral, folks are pointing out how much they adore Angela’s fiancé. They’re also taking note of her absolutely stunning ring! What matters to her the most, though, is getting to spend her life with such an amazing person.

“In the middle of him preparing the proposal he smashed his finger in the car door and tore his finger up… he still called this a win,” Angela says.

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