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“What Are The Odds,” Musician Has Gleeful Reaction To Hearing Stranger Playing His Song On Flight

Hunter Hayes sits on a plane, looking both surprised and happy. Text on the image reads: you can't make this up

We often hear about the exciting times that a fan runs into a celebrity they love. But you know what we don’t hear about as often? A celebrity casually coming across a fan enjoying their own art. But that’s exactly what happened to Walker Hayes recently. The beloved country singer and songwriter was on a flight when the wholesome moment took place. As fate would have it, someone in the row in front of him was a fan. But how did Hayes figure that out?

From the fan’s perspective, they were listening to one of Hayes’ hit songs, Fancy Like, through their headphones. In reality, though, the headphones weren’t fully connected. In turn, Hayes was able to hear his music a bit. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for him to realize that the song was familiar for a very good reason! You can catch his wholesome reaction in the video below.

@walkerhayesofficial I mean what are the odds 🤯 #fancylike ♬ original sound – Walker Hayes

“I’m right here,” Hayes quietly says at the end of the video, adding in the caption, “I mean what are the odds.”

Although it seems the two of them never interacted, how great would it be if he happens to come across Hayes’ video!? Either way, other fans are certainly loving this moment.

Walker Hayes’ Fan Has No Idea the Country Singer is Behind Him on a Flight

“Please tell me you got up and danced for him,” one fan writes, referring to the original dance him and his teen, Lela, shared on TikTok. “I’d die if that were me and you were behind me.”

“I would have asked him to plug in his headphones and then asked if he knew who sang it,” another jokes.

“What an honor to hear your music comforting someone as they fly,” someone else sweetly points out.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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