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Whale Species Extinct In The Atlantic Ocean Spotted For The First Time In 200 Years

gray whale in the water

If you’re fascinated by the creatures that roam the ocean, just wait until you hear what was discovered this week! Scientists spotted a gray whale in the Atlantic Ocean, shattering expectations.

Gray whales aren’t totally extinct, but they have been extinct in the Atlantic for over 200 years. This makes the whale spotting a legendary event.


For the past 200 years, a certain species of #whale was believed to be extinct from the #AtlanticOcean –– until now. #Marinebiology researchers are now studying the #graywhale swimming off the coast of #Massachusetts near Nantucket. #DavidMuir shares the incredible story. #WorldNewsTonight #News #marinelife

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Researchers spotted the gray whale swimming in the Atlantic and were able to take a look at the whale from a helicopter for around an hour.

They’re easy to recognize, because of their lack of a dorsal fin. And scientists are familiar with the creature because they still reside in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

But seeing one of these whales in the Atlantic was a big surprise that these researchers certainly didn’t expect.

gray whale
This image is from TikTok.

A gray whale was spotted in the Atlantic around 15 years ago, and experts believe it’s likely the same one.

Viewers of the clip had some hilarious commentary on the return of this incredible sea creature.

“‘I’M BAAACK’ – gray whale,” said one fan.

What an incredible discovery! I’m excited to see research about this beautiful creature’s migration.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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