“The King Of Drama”: Golden Retriever Fakes Illness & Injury To Get Dad To Come Home

Left image shows a dog limping convincingly. Right image shows a happy dog carrying its leash in its mouth and running and playing.

We have often said that golden retrievers have individualized personalities. Never did we think we would find one this cunning, though. Seriously, this dog fakes an injury and deserves an Academy Award. Never in my life have I seen the definition of “Drama Llama” portrayed so accurately! All because his dog dad went on a business trip. It began with some exaggerated limping and then total lethargy.

Left image shows a golden retriever limping. Right image shows the same dog acting lethargic and laying down during a walk, refusing to move.
Image from TikTok.

Because Dad was gone, Mom became overly concerned about the pup. You can see the entire episode below. This dog is… well… we have no words.

Dog Mom tried everything. She pampered the injured pooch and even brought his water to the couch! Nothing seemed to make the golden retriever feel better.

Images show a golden retriever being pampered with couch service for food and water.
Image from TikTok.

There were warm compresses, doggy massages, and extra treats. Nothing seemed to help the dog feel better. After everything, her poor baby was still acting weird. Unable to determine the problem, she decided it was time to take the dog to the vet. Guess what? The vet didn’t find anything wrong with the pup either! The vet prescribes an anti-inflammatory medication as a safeguard (because they don’t know the dog is faking the injury).

Left image shows a dog laying a bed. Right image shows a hand offering a dog medication in a tasty treat.
Image from TikTok.

Dog Mom took her baby home with new meds, hoping that would help. Things always happen when Dad is away. We’re unsure if his trip was shortened because of the dog, but Dad came home early.

Discovering That The Golden Retriever Was Faking Injury

The silly golden retriever was happy and met him at the door, jumping playfully. Shortly after, the couple took him outside, and the mom realized she’d been played!

Left image shows a happy dog welcoming dog dad home early from a trip. Right image shows the golden retriever playing normally, proving that he was faking injury.
Image from TikTok.

The golden retriever ran, played, and acted completely normal. It was like magic. This dog faked his injury so well that his mom hauled him to the vet! What a masterful performance. If you enjoyed this dramatic story of a Drama Llama golden retriever, please share it with friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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