Want To Feel Like You’re In A Wes Anderson Film? Visit These 18 Real-Life Places.

Wes Anderson may have only directed 8 full-length films, but he’s already carved out a niche for himself as a celebrated auteur, a filmmaker with a distinctly recognizable style. With films like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson has established a signature aesthetic. This aesthetic is marked by bold colors, symmetry, and a flare for all things retro and whimsical; simply put, Wes Anderson films just look like Wes Anderson. A subreddit called “Accidental Wes Anderson” was started for redditors to share real-life places that look like they belong in a Wes Anderson film. Now you can visit them yourself!

1. Montreal, near The Village

2. The Lonely Anchor of Switzerland

3. Two Harbors, Minnesota

4. Stenbock Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

5. Grand Hotel Tremezzo

6. "Chateau" by Jeremy Kohm

7. Sanierung und Erweiterung Stadt-Bad Gotha, Veauthier Architects

8. REDvalentino Store, Rome, Italy

9. Grand Hotel de l'Europe, Bad Gastein, Austria

10. Estoi, Portugal

11. Hamble-Warsash Ferry Shelter, Hampshire, UK

12. Kiev, Ukraine

13. Gold Crest Resort Motel

14. North Korean conference room

15. Singapore

16. Reykjavik, Iceland

17. Somewhere in the Icelandic Circle

18. Italy

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