20 Pets Before & After Being Called A Good Boy

A little affirmation never hurt anybody.

Our pets may be just a part of their lives, but we are their whole lives. When our canine and feline (sometimes) friends hear us praise their awesomeness, they can’t help but smile! We put together a list of 20 little cuties whose days have just been made by their human parents… and the looks on their faces were too good not to share. Check out the hilarity in the list below!

#1 Before and after being called a good boy.

theworldthrough sumzeyes

#2 Who’s a good boy?!

Carrie Shores

#3 You best take that back human.

Maxine D. Topple

#4 Such a happy marshmallow.


#5 The Marshmallow’s lil’ cousin.




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