We’re Going To “Stargetbucks!” Little Girl Wins Everyone Over With Her Clever Argument.

View of a little girl being held by her mom. Text on the image reads: "you're going in where" and "Stargetbucks!"

Nothing can compare to the fun of a Target trip with a Starbucks in hand, preferably one located inside of that very Target — if you know, you know. While little Hannah is still very young, she’s certainly one of the folks who gets it. That’s why, when she and her mom needed to make a quick trip inside the store, Hannah assumed they’d be shopping for a while.


Instead, Mom informed her that she had already ordered what she needed. All they needed to do was go inside, grab their stuff, and leave. Little Hannah, on the other hand, was quite insistent that they stay a while at what she called Stargetbucks, the most iconic name I’ve ever heard for a Target with a Starbucks inside.

As much as Hannah was determined to get her way, she didn’t throw a fit. Instead, she simply stated her arguments, all in the most adorable voice. I’ve got to say, she’s made some valid points, like the fact that she thinks it’s a “beautiful store.” I’d argue her biggest selling point was that it was her birthday, but Mom was quick to let her know that wasn’t the case. Whether Hannah forgot her own birthday or was hoping Mom had remains to be seen.

Watch Hannah expertly argue why she needed to shop at Stargetbucks in the video below.


So… I had no idea our first video would gain us so many friends. I recorded her over the years for my own pure entertainment. No agenda. This is a couple of years ago. You guys have asked by the thousands for more… so… here you go. Yes, she acted like this constantly. Everywhere and every day was and still is pure joy, with all of my children. Hannah draws everyone in around her. I hope at the very least… you smile. 🩵 #target #stargetbucks #shopping #toddlersoftiktok #familylife #fancyhoney

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