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We’re ALL Thinking It: These Hilarious Posts About Life Are Too Relatable.

relatable posts

Do you deal with stress and hardships with humor and sarcasm? Us, too. They say laughter is the best medicine, so we can’t imagine a better approach. To help you when you need your medicine, we dug up some of the best relatable posts that have been circulating on social media. Not only will they have you in stitches, but they’ll also put some of our most common grievances into perspective.

Read on, and you’re welcome for the laughs.

1. You are what you eat…

This lady at my work today told me her ex husband cheated on her so she made him a “beef and rice” dinner with alpo dog food mixed in and didn’t tell him till after he ate the whole thing that if he wanted to act like a dog she would feed him like one & I’m still laughing

But if it was good enough for her dog, it wasn’t good enough for him. Pig feed may have been more appropriate.

2. Sometimes you have no choice.

I called the cops on my own party one time because I was ready to go to bed

Look, we get it. When you’re tired, nothing else matters. His friends probably understood.

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