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Welcome To The Family: Crow Returns To The Family Who Saved Him — Again And Again!

Animals can’t speak our language, but they do have a way of communicating their wants, needs – and gratitude.

Dana Bryce of Manitoba, Canada was relaxing on his back deck one day when he heard a murder of crows carrying on in his yard. When he and his fiancée investigated, they found a fledgling baby crow struggling on the ground.

Normally in this situation, animal rescuers urge people to bring injured baby animals to a qualified animal rehabilitator who is practiced in nursing these animals back to life, but Dana decided to take matters into his own hands. They put the baby crow, who they named Oscar, in a plastic bin and started to administer around-the-clock care.

“We kept him warm in a bin with some newspaper and grass with water and fed him every half hour,” Dana explained.

When the crow was bigger and seemed ready to fly the nest, they released him where they found him.

Dana and his family had grown very fond of their new bird friend, and they were sad to see him go. As luck would have it, they didn’t have to wait very long to see Oscar again. The bird came squawking back onto their deck just a day later!


Oscar came back after letting him free from a baby ! 🔥👍🏼 #pet #crow #cute #foryoupage #fyp #baby #save #animals

♬ original sound – Dana Bryce

It’s hard to tell who was more excited to see each other, Oscar or Dana! Ever since he came back, Oscar has been visiting Dana and his family just about every day.

“He stays on the deck and in the trees and visits all day long,” Bryce said. “He likes to hop around and land on us and goes for walks when we go with our daughter. He’s very assertive and vocal. He’s curious and likes to come in the house and hang out on the windowsills.”

Oscar’s homecoming dance went viral on TikTok with over 3.5 million views. Most viewers think their friendship is adorable, but the naysayers insist Oscar would have been better served by an animal rehabilitator. Either way, Oscar is now healthy and seemingly happy, so why worry about the details any more?

Have we mentioned that Oscar even gets along with Dana’s cat?


Lola and Oscar have been close since he was a baby ❤️👍🏼#angel #cat #Lola #Oscar #pet #save #animals #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Dana Bryce

Crows are such intelligent animals. We’re not surprised that Oscar bonded with this kind family of animal lovers. Crows know good people when they see them!

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