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Hoppy Day! Drivers Pull Over To Untangle Kangaroo Trapped In Barbed Wire.

a two-photo collage. the first is of a kangaroo laying on the ground, feet in the air, as he struggles with having a foot caught in the barb wire fence he’s laying next to. the second is of the same kangaroo, foot still stuck, as he now lays in the bed of a truck with a towel on his face. a man is working to free the kangaroo’s foot.

It’s not easy being a kangaroo.

While hopping about in a mainly open field, a kangaroo in Australia got stuck in a fence with no way of freeing himself. There’s no telling how long he was stuck hanging there, alone and scared, but luckily two kind folks not only noticed him but stopped to help.

“He must’ve been stuck there for some time,” one of the rescuers said. “He was pretty distressed and thirsty.”

The two friends feared the worst when they first saw the poor thing but, as they got closer, they realized the kangaroo was still alive! The barb wire fence was twisted around his foot, making it impossible, and painful, to escape.

The frightened kangaroo was angry when the humans first tried to approach him, but he calmed down once they were able to place him in the bed of their truck to relive some pressure. They also covered his face with a towel.

Thankfully, around that same time, another kind person stopped by to aide in their rescue. With all three of them working together, the creature was finally freed – and very happy to get accept some much-needed water from his rescuers!

Watch this trapped kangaroo go from scared to hoppy in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

@tab_ventures Driving home from Eyre Peninsula, i turned around to see what happened to a dead Kangaroo I saw hanging off a fence. We didn’t realise until we got closer that he was still alive.. he must’ve been stuck there for some time. He was pretty distressed and thirsty. We left still pretty dazed.. hoping he recovers 🤞â¤ï¸â€ðŸ©¹ #kangaroo #animalrescue #kangaroocare ♬ original sound – Tabventures

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