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Welcome To Fluffy Feather Farm, Where Life Is Always A Dozen Chickens Too Many.

Adam and Jim of Fluffy Feather Farm.

Have you ever dreamed of giving up the hustle and bustle of city life for life on the farm?

Adam and Mike have been living that dream since establishing their family-run farm, Fluffy Feather Farm, in 2022. The couple are lifelong animal lovers who used to work in the pet industry but now raise miniature Scottish Highland cattle, miniature donkeys, chickens, ducks, and goats as well as grow farm-fresh produce on their sprawling Harvard, Illinois farmstead. Adam is the face of the farm, and his funny videos give us a front-row seat to the residents of one very funny farm.

1. Jim is the farm manager, and he has a little “problem” when it comes to buying more chickens. He just can’t resist!

2. “It’s only three times bigger than our current chicken coop, but uh… then I can buy more chickens.”

3. Don’t worry – Jim knows how to bargain with Adam so he gets his way, eventually.

4. Working with animals can be dangerous, which is where Jim comes in handy.

5. Adam has the cutest work buddy helping him with their social pages.

6. Another day, another solo dance party with the hose….

7. Adam and Mike’s sons Kaleb and Keegan are very involved in the daily farm work as well. Look who got a new goat!

8. Adam’s excitement over little things like a cow’s new hat is infectious.

9. Moving the ducks is a family affair that requires all hands on deck!

10. it’s a race to the finish! Who will win?

11. No one is more excited about new goats than Adam. No one!

12. Meet the cutest baby cow that ever lived. We’re pretty sure.

13. Just some really cute donkeys to brighten your day.

14. It turns out Jim isn’t the only one with an animal collecting problem…

15. All of the animals are well-cared-for at Fluffy Feather Farm, come what may!

Anyone else want to pack up their bags and move to the Fluffy Feather Farm? We’ll settle for watching Adam and company on TikTok and Instagram, because cleaning stalls really isn’t our thing.

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