You Can’t Always Get What You Want… But These Kids Are Happy Anyway!

An ABC toddler nook featuring the favorite uncle and a calendar featuring "Grammy."

Kids and adults can love or hate the gifts they get for birthdays or holidays. Sometimes, weird gifts can be fun. Other times, they can be embarrassing or downright puzzling. If you have ever received something odd, you will understand these people and their reactions to weird gifts.


1. An Avocado… Thanks

When this tyke unwrapped an avocado, he seemed very pleased.

2. Once A Weird Gift… Now An Heirloom

He was a bit embarrassed when he received this gift as a child. Now, that gift has become a family heirloom.

byu/anniewolfe from discussion

3. Does Anyone Even Know What This Weird Gift Was?

This must have been one of the fads of the day.

byu/anniewolfe from discussion

4. When The Relationship Is Golden…

This Sophia action figure found on old Reddit will please the grumpiest fan on your list! The likeness is… not even close!

When it comes to weird gifts, this Sophia Golden Girls action figure is a bit scary.
Image from Reddit.

5. Grandma Got Jokes

Combining crafting with gift-giving can make your day… and your whole year if this is your grandma!

For Christmas this year, my 97 year old Grammy gave us a calendar with photoshopped pictures of herself for each month!
byu/FireRetrall inMadeMeSmile

6. Oliver Got A Weird Gift…

But which one is Oliver? Does it really matter?

Oliver got a Christmas gift
byu/cfatt inaww

7. Understanding The Assignment Is An Important Part Of Gift-Giving

When this wife accidentally misspoke, her husband took full advantage to create a laughable moment.

Posts from the funny
community on Reddit

8. The Perfect Children’s Book Doesn’t Exi…

Well, then. We stand corrected! If he’s the favorite uncle, does that make him a funcle?

We hope you have enjoyed these weird gifts. We got oranges and apples in our stockings, but I have never received an avocado. If you haven’t ever received something totally bizarre, you’re either very lucky or you have a boring family. Share these and discuss weird gifts with your friends to compare notes.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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