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“Weird But Cool” Airbnb Experience Has People Online Trying To Solve A Mystery.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a dining table with green placemats. Text on the image reads, “I just expect it to be a total mess.” The second photo shows a cowboy boot placed on a mantle in a home.

Those new to being an Airbnb host might know to expect the unexpected, but Joan Dark never could have guessed what would happen after her latest visitors left. She found out from some neighbors that the folks who stayed there had been up all night drinking and smoking on the front porch. Although they didn’t disturb anyone, this info caused Joan to wonder what kind of mess they may have left. While they certainly left some stuff, a mess wasn’t one of them.

Not only was Joan shocked to discover they left the place perfectly clean, but she was also left speechless by the fact that they had decorated the place. From placemats and mugs to trinkets and coasters, the people who stayed at her residence seemed to have left behind some gifts. This both confused and delighted Joan. She shared a TikTok showing off the new décor and, naturally, folks are pondering why someone would do this.

“So what if they inherited a TON of Gramma’s stuff and now leave a share [here] and there on the trips they go on,” one person commented.

Joan’s reply added to the speculation that this commenter is headed in the right direction with her theory.

“They were supposedly in town for their grandma’s birthday party,” she said.

Whatever the reason for this unexpected makeover, we absolutely adore that this happened. Truly, the best kind of surprise to leave at an Airbnb.

Watch Joan give a tour of her newly redecorated Airbnb in the video below.

@joanofdark We are new hosta so I have no idea if this is normal behavior or not. It’s not something I would consider doing, but hey, at least they didn’t trash the place #airbnb #str #rentalproperty ♬ original sound – Joan of Dark

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