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5 Hilarious 90s Things You Forgot Everyone Had In Their Home

90s things

The 90s nostalgia is real lately. For those of us millennials, there’s something just too great about looking back to those days before bills and taxes… sigh. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and find a few of these hilarious items that will have you shrieking, “That’s SO 90s!” 

1. A Bedroom Ceiling Covered In Glow-In-The-Dark Stars 

We all remember those glow-in-the-dark stars for your ceiling. If you didn’t have them, you know you knew someone who did. My husband still won’t stop talking about being traumatized by one falling on him in his sleep as a kid. He brings it up every few years to this day. 

90s glow in the dark ceiling stars

2. An Empty-Battery Furby Talking In A Distorted Voice

Sure, you probably know that Furby has made a comeback, but he is not the same. This new Furby with soft features and better tech is nothing like the terrifying creatures stuffed all over our homes in the 90s. The Furby we knew would still be croaking in a terrifying voice from under your bed even though you removed his batteries months ago.  

90s furby

3. Those Weird Beaded Curtains Hanging From Your Door Frame

Why did we have these? Sure some people put their beaded curtains somewhere useful where they added a bit of privacy, like a reading nook. But most of us just stuck them in our main door frame. We had a door there already? Why did we need a curtain too? 

beaded curtain

4. A Plastic Binder Stuffed To The Brim With Pokémon Cards

You couldn’t find a home in the 90s that didn’t have a massive plastic binder filled with every Pokémon card imaginable. Most of them had some kind of decorative cover on the front with your name and maybe a handful of stickers, not all of them Pokémon-themed. Don’t forget the weirdly overstuffed card pockets where you shoved all of the random cards that came in the pack that weren’t actual Pokémon, like the fire-type cards or potions.  

pokemon cards

5. A Ridiculous Pile Of VHS Tapes — Mostly Containing Disney Movies   

Do you remember how thick a VHS tape case was? We had entire bookshelves filled with these massive things! Every Disney movie imaginable, plus a variety of other random fill-ins. The best part? No one ever rewound the movie when they were done with it! 

vhs tapes

The 90s were a magical time, and the nostalgia I feel looking back at that era fills me with unimaginable warmth. With that said, I’m quite glad I’ll never have to hear the whining beeps of dial-up internet ever again! 

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