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Wedding Photobook Goes Hilariously Awry When Mom Forgets To Change The Captions.

A wedding photo showing the groom unbuttoning his tuxedo jacket with a caption that doesn't match (The Joy of Life)

We all do forgetful things that may result in hilarity. Let’s start at the beginning. This mom had one assignment: to create a wedding portfolio from the assembled images after the wedding. Mom went to Shutterfly, where creating beautiful photo books is normally a point-and-click adventure in wholesomeness. However, if you forget one part of the process, it can have unexpected results.

In this case, Mom forgot to remove the caption placeholders that are supplied by Shutterfly. The purpose of the placeholders is to give the creator ideas about how to caption images. Unfortunately, if you don’t remember to replace them or delete them, your book may have some unexpected additions.

An embarrassed mom laughing after she accidently created a hilarious wedding album.
Image from TikTok.

From the caption under a photo of the groom buttoning his tuxedo to group images with the grandparents, the album continues to become more hilarious. The bride can barely stop laughing enough to talk. And mom? Well, she’s an embarrassed lump sitting across the table burying her head in shame. Or is she just laughing too hard? It’s difficult to tell.

One thing is certain — the captions make this wedding album even more memorable! I am sure that cousins Kayla and Lucy had a wonderful time during the beach party/park/picnic or whatever went on that day.

They might have been at the park …

A wedding photo showing a bride with an incorrect caption about collecting leaves at a park.
Image from TikTok.

Or perhaps they were at the beach?

A wedding photo with a bride and bridesmaid and a caption discussing a day at the beach.
Image from TikTok.

We’re pretty certain that the wedding did not occur at the park or the beach. The bride stated she doesn’t even have cousins named Kayla and Lucy, but apparently, they had a wonderful time at the wedding. The bride and bridesmaids (identified as “the girls” according to the caption) even found time to set up a lemonade stand!

Watch the whole clip on TikTok to find out why we’re laughing so hard!


Our mother is single handedly the most hilarious person we know, and its usually completely on accident. Favorite wedding gift EVER!!! @shutterfly #shutterfly

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