Couple Remodeling Kitchen Find Mysterious 50-Yr-Old Wedding Album In Ceiling. Then Ask Internet For Help.

Bobby Kapsidis was working on a kitchen remodeling project at his mother’s home in Florida when the strangest thing happened.


When he cut into a sealed, rectangular-shaped crawl space to access the ceiling, out tumbled an alligator purse, wedding invitation and a couple albums. One of those albums, it turns out, is filled with photos from a wedding that was held more than half a century ago.

Now, Kapsidis’s wife, 31-year-old Megan, is on a mission to find that couple and reunite them with the album.


When Marguerite Lau and Joseph Gargiulo tied the knot on Sept. 14, 1963, the advent and now-ubiquitous use of digital photography was still decades away.


“My first reaction was, ‘Wow, what a beautiful wedding.’ I sat looking through it and thought, ‘We need to find these people.’ … This book is all they had and I want to get it back to them for that reason,”said Megan. She and her husband live in Arizona, but own the house in Holiday, Florida, where Bobby’s mother now lives.


“I have no idea why they’d keep it up in the attic,”said Bobby, who purchased the home eight years ago and has no knowledge of who owned it previously.


Based on information gleaned from the photos and wedding invitation, Megan knows only what Marguerite Lau and Joseph Gargiulo looked like 54 years ago, and that the marriage took place on Sept. 14, 1963 at St. Thomas Apostle R.C. Church in Woodhaven, N.Y.


So she took the next logical step and took photos — digital, of course — and posted them on Facebook with a note asking anyone who knows the couple or had any leads to get in touch.

Armchair sleuths have since been hard at work trying to track down the couple, and have shared the post hundreds of times and posting numerous possible leads.

ABC News

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