We “Can’t Help Falling In Love” With How This Veterinarian Serenades A Nervous Pup!

a veterinarian named dr. ross Henderson sitting on the floor as he plays a guitar and sings “can’t help falling in love” to a 6-month-old dog named ruby who has her head resting on his lap and is about to have surgery to get spayed

As a veterinarian, Dr. Ross Henderson takes care of lots of stressed-out pups. Wanting to find a way to ease their anxieties, he thought of how music has always been a great source of comfort for him. This lead him to a brilliant idea.


At first, Ross mainly serenaded patients who were under anesthesia. But once that was proven to be a success, he broadened his audience to those that were were awake and nervous about being away from their families. One of these performances was shared on Facebook, and it’s gone on to melt the hearts of millions.

The pup in the video was named Ruby. At six months old, it was time for her to get spayed. Understandably, though, she was not very excited to be away from her family. Ross noticed this and decided to take her aside so he could try and soothe her with “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” In no time, Ruby was finally able to relax, resting her head on his lap for what had to be one of the best naps ever.

Watch this heartwarming moment below and don’t forget to share!

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