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Water Fountain In Italy Proves Hilariously Challenging For Visiting Tourists.

Two panels showing tourists using a public water fountain inccorrectly.

If you have ever been to any European country, you likely encountered many things with no American counterpart. You might see the universal stick figure placards adorning the door of a public restroom. Or they may just be marked “WC,” which stands for Water Closet and is how they identify restrooms in Europe. Many towns also have public water fountains.

Our hapless tourists were thirsty and attempting to use one of the many fountains in an Italian city. To say that it confused them is a bit of an understatement. A helpful local gentleman stops by to offer a quick lesson, but it doesn’t really help.

An Italian gentleman shows tourists how to take a drink from a public water fountain.
Image from TikTok.

Once the nice man finished his drink, the two women tried their hand at it again. The results were quite hilarious and left them slightly moist. Okay, it left them REALLY moist. We’re glad they were finally able to quench their thirst.


dumb & dumber here 🥲 #Italy

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