Little Girl Adds Hilarious Flair To Her First Tee Ball Game.

little girl runs on baseball team

Sports are exciting for many, but for some… not exciting enough. This little girl wanted to add a little extra *sparkle* to her first tee ball game.


This gal went up to bat and executed a brilliant swing. As she started running to first place, she saw an opportunity to distract the team and gain some applause while she did it.

She did a cartwheel!

A perfectly executed cartwheel, too.

The mob of opposition surrounding her stopped in amazement, and she scurried to the uncovered first base without any problem.

Hundreds of thousands of viewers have watched her shining moment with laughter and glee. Many have taken to the comments to express their astonishment at this little girl’s flair.

“WHY WAS THAT CARTWHEEL SO FLAWLESS???” commented one fan.

“That was so iconic,” said another.

A lot of viewers suggested that she get placed in gymnastics ASAP!

Regardless of where this superstar finds her passion, she has a talent for bringing laughter and personality to whatever she does! Watch the full clip below to be blown away by her skill!


She flexed on the boys 🤣 @Barstool Baseball (via: Sal digi/ig)

♬ original sound – AnswersAi

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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