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Watch This Toddler Adorably Outsmarting “The Invisible Challenge!”

Left frame shows a child gently touching an invisible challenge barrier of cling wrap. Right frame shows the same child puzzling how to solve the challenge.

First off… What is “The Invisible Challenge?” We all know that cling wrap is clear. Many of you might have stretched it across food bowls to keep leftovers fresh. As with many common everyday items, TikTok users have discovered a new and sometimes interesting use for clear plastic.

The “Invisible Challenge” trend began with pets. People stretched the plastic wrap across doorways to confuse dogs and cats. There are a lot of adorable videos out there of animals facing the invisible challenge.

While the trend has created a library of hilarious videos, we must remind folks that plastic wrap can be dangerous for animals and tiny humans. Please do not perform the invisible challenge or any similar challenge without supervising your pet or child closely and be sure to dispose of all plastic when finished.

While supervising closely, one parent decided to test her toddler to see how they would navigate the clear obstruction.

Image shows a doorway set up for "The Invisible Challenge" with cling wrap stretched across the threshold.
Image from TikTok.

The little girl freezes when she comes toddling around a corner to the doorway. She knew immediately that something was amiss! She gently pokes at the barrier wall, testing its strength. We can hear her mom giggling in the background. The toddler makes questioning noises and cute little grunts. Her mom is asking, “What is it?” in the background.

Toddler reaches out to touch a cling wrap barrier during the Invisible Challenge.
Image from TikTok.

The toddler puzzles out what the obstacle is and determines that she can overcome it. Using ingenuity, the toddler clutches a spoon in her left hand and defeats the obstacle! When the toddler arrives at a solution to the dilemma, she receives encouragement from her mom. We think her solution even surprised her mom! See for yourself.


I cant wait to do this to Violet 😁

♬ original sound – brittikitty

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