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Daughter Creates PowerPoint On Why Her Parents Should Adopt A Cat & They Can’t Argue

Two slides from a PowerPoint presentation on getting a cat.

You shouldn’t need a PowerPoint presentation to explain why getting a cat is a great idea, but one little girl wasn’t taking any chances. She really, really wanted her parents to adopt a kitty, and she was willing to go to great lengths to convince them! So, she put together a very professional and educational slideshow with all the relevent facts. Her arguments were pretty solid!

For example, the girl explained that she wasn’t the only one in the family who would benefit from getting a kitty. All her siblings wanted one, too! Of course, she did add the disclaimer that “their opinions are less important.” She also noted that pets can help relieve stress, which was a fairly persuasive point. Equally convincing was her claim that “It would be so cute please.”

A PowerPoint presentation that says "Pros of getting a cat."

Throughout the PowerPoint, the little girl made several promises to take full responsibility for the cat’s health and wellbeing. She assured her parents that she had done her homework on animal care, and she understood what she was signing up for.

A screen showing a PowerPoint presentation with bullet points.

Additionally, she reminded her parents that they still technically owed her one.

“Please, seriously you promised me a hamster five years ago but that never happened just let me have this,” the child wrote.

A screen showing a PowerPoint presentation about getting a cat.

Dad Christopher Doyle thought that his daughter’s PowerPoint on adopting a cat was pretty clever. In fact, he thought that the little girl’s determination was so cute, he just had to post her presentation on social media.

Would this PowerPoint be enough to earn the girl a cat?

A screen showing the end of a presentation along with a picture of a kitty.

In case you’re wondering, it worked! Dad shared in a later post that the family was filling out adoption paperwork in order to bring home a kitty. Of course, this was bound to happen. After all, who could refuse such a well-researched PowerPoint?

Partially filled out papers to adopt a cat.

The family ended up adopting a rescue kitty, whom the kids named Tokyo. According to another social media update from Christopher Doyle, his daughter and her siblings are “in love” with the sweet animal. After seeing a picture of this adorable cat, we can see why!

A brown kitten being held in a human's arms.

It just goes to show you that a little hard work and dedication goes a long way.

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