Watch: Baby’s Reaction To Dad Coming Home Is The Cutest Thing Ever.

dad holds baby in air

A lot of the time, parenting young ones can be really difficult. But somehow, these precious little sweethearts make it all worth it. This dad gets to come home to the most adorable reaction ever.

This mom set up a camera to record her kiddo’s reaction to hearing his dad come in through the door. You can see him immediately perk up.

This image is from YouTube.

Once his dad’s in the room, the baby lets out the cutest reaction ever: a sweet little dance-and-scream combo that is absolutely unmatched in adorableness.

His dad swooped in and lifted him into the sky to celebrate his daily homecoming! How precious.

Folks in the comments are eating this cuteness right up.

“Can you just imagine how that makes Dad feel when he sees this? Too precious,” said one fan of the video.

“Not a better feeling in this world than that right there!” said another.

Check out this adorable clip for yourself. This baby’s reaction to dad is as cute as could be.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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